A Driver’s Prayer

A Driver’s Prayer


Our God and God of our ancestors, God of Abraham and Sarah, God of Isaac and Rebecca, God of Jacob, Rachel and Leah


May we reach our destination in peace, and return in peace to our homes.


Imbue me with the will to discern that every human is created in your image, and that saving one person, is like saving an entire world.


Grant me the wisdom to understand that nothing is more precious than human life, neither time nor money, neither honor nor revenge.


Help me drive


            with care, to keep a proper distance;

            with manners, to yield the right of way;

            with awareness, to stop in time.


Give me the courage to control my impulses of jealousy, competition, anger and greed.


Let there be no accident because of me,

and let me not encounter disaster.


So that we may serve You in truth;

increasing the sanctity of life in the world.


So may it be Your will. Amen


Composed by: Rabbi Michael Graetz



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